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"How many polishes do you have, Woman?!"

"How many polishes do you have, woman?!"
A dear friend actually asked me that recently.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really love nail polish (especially Zoya).  As of this post my Nail Polish Collection contains 101 regular polishes, 12 nail art polishes, 2 stamping polishes, 3 top coats, and 1 base coat.  I didn't get this whole collection overnight; It’s been steadily growing since 2010.

I recently did a set of 3 videos about my entire polish collection and how I store it:

Part 1- Storage of Nail care supplies, acrylic supplies, nail art polish, and nail art tools

Part 2- One side of the organizer

Part 3- The other side of the organizer

Though the way I store my collection will stay constant, the contents of my collection will continue to evolve as new polish colors, formulas, brands, and trends come out.  Since it’s impractical to film a new video every time I get a new polish or give one to a friend or family member, I keep my collection up-to-date on my Pinterest page.

I use the Nail Polish Cataloger app to keep track of my collection when I’m not at home.  This makes it easy to prevent getting any duplicates or colors that are too similar to what I already have.  It’s also very easy to update when I get a new polish, get rid of/finish one, or break out a backup (I only have backups of just a few limited edition colors that I really love: OPI- Which is Witch?, OPI- Thanks So Muchness, MAC- Bad Fairy, and MAC- Frayed to Order).

Eventually I’d like to be this organized about my makeup too, but I don’t have nearly as much makeup as I do nail polish.  My theory is I have 20 nails but only 1 face, so my collections of nail polish and makeup should be proportionate, right?

So come on, I admitted how many I have, now its your turn: How many bottles are in your Nail Polish Collection? Compare in the comments below!

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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Tag: Favorite Nail Polish Color

Tag, you're it!

What’s your favorite color?  Mine's glitter- holographic glitter to be precise.  It’s all colors and no colors at the same time, it dances and sparks and comes in all shapes and sizes.  Here are some holographic nail polishes from my collection.

This is a micro-fine holographic shimmer suspended in a clear base.  This is an exact dupe for INM Out The Door Northern Lights but without all the work.  This is a great polish to top off any manicure, but I've also worn it alone for a subtly glam look.  I can’t say enough great things about this one.

Zoya - Aurora, Blaze, Storm
Aurora, Blaze, & Storm
Zoya- Aurora
The next 3 polishes are from the Ornate Collection.  Each of these is a very rich, ultra shiny jewel-tone base with loads of fine holographic glitter.  The formula is on the sheer side, but after 3-4 thin coats you’ll get full opacity.  Aurora is an amethyst purple but that holographic shimmer adds miles and miles of depth to the look.  

Blaze is a deep blood-ruby red with loads of fine holographic glitter.  You don’t often find red holographic polishes so Blaze is really very unique in most collections.  I can’t be sure, but I think the holographic shimmer in Blaze is smaller and finer than in the other 2.  I really love her because she’s deep and vampy, but not at all emo.

Deepest, darkest, and shiniest black with fine holographic glitter, Storm is most certainly my favorite black of all time.  Looking at a Storm Mani is like looking into a clear, moonless summer night sky.  Just enchanting.

JulieG - Cleopatra's Cobra
Cleopatra's Cobra
JulieG- Cleopatra’s Cobra
I have a few of Julie’s polishes, and the glitters are in a thicker, almost gel-like clear base.  I prefer my glitters to be a bit thinner so a few drops of polish thinner brought them all to my preferred texture. Cleopatra’s Cobra is a clear base with gold-toned holographic hex glitter in medium, small, fine and micro.  This one is another that looks great on its own or over top of something else.  It looks expensive and ethereal, like freshly minted fairy money.

OPI - Which is Witch?
Which is Witch?
OPI- Which is Witch?
This was my pick for the Rainbow or Multi Color category of the Rainbow Tag and for good reason.  It’s loaded with hex, fine bar, and micro glitter, and all of it is holographic. If you’re easily distracted by bright shiny colorful things, this will make daily life hazardous for you so wear it with caution.

Zoya - Kissy, Rina, Twila
Kissy, Rina, Twila
The next 3 polishes are from the Gems & Jewels collection.  Each of these is a somewhat sheer, jewel-toned base with coordinating micro shimmer and holographic bar glitter.  They remind me of the tinsel-type garlands you see around the holidays.  Kissy is the most complex of the 3. She’s a bright fuchsia-pink base with micro glitter in red, pink, and holographic, micro bar glitter in pink, and finished with holographic bar glitter.  Nothing dances in the light like Kissy does.

Bright, shamrock-green base with micro glitter and fine bar glitter in green, finished with holographic bar glitter. This one looks like a Christmas wreath on crack and is super-fun to make holiday manicures with.

Ultramarine blue base with micro glitter in blue, fine bar glitter in blue and silver, and finished with holographic bar glitter. Not only is this fun to use in a winter-themed Mani, but it’s also really great Pedi shade to wear in the summer- it’s cool and refreshing to look at and catches all that summer sun.

This looks like a long-lost sister to the previous 3.  This has a clear base with copper micro glitter, gold-toned holographic micro glitter, fine bar glitter in gold and sapphire blue, and holographic bar glitter.  The blue is what really sets this apart- there’s just enough to create depth and interest but not so much as to clash with the gold.  One coat of this looks almost like honey, a full-on Mani looks like antique gold.

Starrily - Ring Around the Rosies
Ring Around the Rosies
Starrily- Ring Around the Rosies
Like I mentioned with the JulieG glitters I have, the few Starrily glitters I have also have that thicker, almost gel-like base that thinned out just fine with a few drops of polish thinner.  Multi-size and multi-shape glitters can be a huge pain to apply, but not Starrily’s.  There’s no fishing around in the bottle or dabbing it out onto a palette to get the bits you’re after.  I can’t get over how unique and fun their polishes are and this one is no exception.  Ring Around the Rosies is a slightly iridescent pearly clear base with large hex, medium hex, medium square, small square, and micro glitter (all of which are holographic), and extra-large flower-shaped glitter in a few shades of pink.  This is an adorable spring/summer topper- those cute flowers just steal the show.
Holographic Nail Polishes
Glitter bomb!

I tried to make it an even 10, but that mini-sized Starrily polish is so cute and tiny I figured I could squeeze it in at the end there.  So what about you, what polishes do you have in your favorite color?  Share with me in the comments below!

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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Beauty Beginnings

Clinique Mascara, Lip Gloss, Blush, & Black Honey
Thanks for thinking of me, Mom. <3
While this post may read a bit like a Beauty Diary, I actually wrote this essay as part of some application requirements to a local beauty school.  It's the story of how my curiosity and enthusiasm for makeup and beauty grew and evolved.  Names have been changed to protect the privacy of others.  Enjoy!

     I had been so anxious for this day for a very long time.  It had practically consumed every thought I’d had over the last couple of weeks.  Starting school again after so long at a new building with new teachers!  What could be more exciting?  After all, it isn't every day you start Middle School.

     When the alarm buzzed, I jumped out of bed and headed to the bathroom to start getting ready.  There I found a surprise.  On the counter were some ‘Free Gift with Purchase’ samples my mom had saved from her visits to the Clinique counter.  There was a little tube of sparkly clear lip gloss, a tube of Almost Lipstick in Black Honey, a mini mascara, and a blush compact with a mirror and little brush inside.  It was everything a grown woman would need to “put her face on!”

     As I brushed my teeth and did my hair, I recalled the many mornings I had sat on the ottoman next to Mom’s vanity, chatting with her as she put on her makeup.  I used the mascara first like she did, wiggling it at the base of my lashes and pulling it through.  What a difference it made!  The Black Honey looked way too dark in the tube, but it went on so beautifully, such a perfect shade for the early fall.  The lip gloss was pretty but too sticky.  I wiped it all off and put on just the Black Honey.

     And then there was the blush.  I remembered Mom’s goofy chipmunk smile she would do when she was putting on blush.  I imitated her and realized why she did it.  It popped the apples of the cheeks right out there so it was easier to see where the blush needed to go.  I opened the marbled jade compact and swiped the brush across the pan, then blended it in little circles on my chipmunk cheeks.  I looked in the bathroom mirror but didn't see anything on my cheeks.  Hmmm.  I must not have pushed on the brush hard enough.  I tried again.  Swipe across the pan, goofy smile, little circles…  Still nothing.

     I finally pressed the bristles together in my fingers, scrubbed it over the surface of the blush until I saw powder piling up on the sides, dipped the brush in the loose powder, and then swiped it on my face.  I got it to barely show up a bit, but I could finally see a hint of color.  I could see why Mom gave me this one, it was so sheer.  Oh well, it was still nice of her to think of me.  

     I left the house and walked to the bus stop.  I boarded the bus with the other kids and after a few blocks, I noticed they were looking at me and whispering to their neighbors.  Some kids were humming the Circus Theme Song for some reason.  Giggles bubbled through the rows of seats.  “Ugh!”  I thought as I rolled my eyes.  “Can’t those boys grow up?  We’re in 7th grade now!”

     When the bus pulled up to the school, I looked through the window and found my group of friends on the front lawn, waiting for the bell to ring.  I stood up and grabbed my bag.  Some of the kids were smiling at me, waving me to go past them.  I thought to myself “How nice of them.  Maybe wearing makeup makes me look more grown-up so they’re showing a little respect!”  I swung my backpack over my shoulder as I took a smug step off the giggle-filled bus and headed towards my friends.

     They were huddled in a little circle chattering like teenage girls do.  As they caught sight of me, their conversation stopped dead.

     “Hey guys, what’s up?”  They said nothing.  They just kept staring.  Tammi let out a snort and quickly covered her mouth to stop any further laughter from escaping.  Jodi stared on in silent confusion, head cocked to the side.  Only Jessica was able to put to words what the other two were thinking.

     “What is on your face?!”  she said with a quizzical look.

     “Um, nothing.  I just put some makeup on today.  Mom gave it to me.  It’s Clinique even!”

     “Alright whatever, it doesn't matter.  C’mon lets go” she said as she took my hand and started walking towards the front door of the school.

     “But we still have like, 10 minutes before we have to go inside.  What’s the rush?”

     “You need to wash that off.  You look like an idiot.”

     “What?!  I do not!  Its just some mascara, blush, and lipstick.  What’s wrong with a little lipstick?”  I asked as I fought to stay in the warm morning sunlight a little longer.

     “Nothing’s wrong with a little lipstick.  But you've got so much blush on you look like Bozo the frickin’ Clown!”

     “Oh whatever, you can barely see it!”

     She whirled around and pointed to the other kids who rode the bus with me.  “Everyone’s laughing at you because of your blush.  We need to wash this off now or you’ll never hear the end of it!”

     I let her lead me inside as I looked back in bewilderment.  I could barely even see it…

     The clown jokes subsided by winter break, but it wasn't until sophomore year of high school that I found out the root of the Bozo Blush Incident- Anomalous Trichromancy-Deuteranomaly.  In a nutshell, I can see red and green, but I can’t see them as well as other people can.  My dad is red-green colorblind, and my mom’s dad was completely colorblind.  For whatever reason this genetic problem skipped my older brother and made me one of the “lucky” 0.4% of women who have a color blindness issue.

     This diagnosis made me write off blush entirely for another decade.


     I have always been an artistic person.  I learned origami in girl scouts, had totes of craft supplies, and excelled so much in art classes that I even stayed after school to finish some projects.  When I graduated high school, I went on to Iowa State University to major in Integrated Studio Arts.  It was a dream to wake up and create every day.  Reality knocked out my dream with a cruel double-whammy- a shortage of funding for tuition and the AT-P color blindness issue.  I couldn't get through Color Theory because I was always just slightly off from everyone else. 

     So I packed up my paint brushes and charcoal and returned home.  I enrolled in a local community college and exchanged my ISU art classes into humanities credits.  I put them and some general education courses together to get an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts, then promptly joined the regular work force.


     One evening in 2008 as I was winding down after work, I looked in the mirror and saw something other than a ruddy complexion and bad skin.  My cheeks had steadily broken out more and more over the last several months, and the breakouts were different from breakouts on other areas of my face.  And the redness!  It almost looked like a rash, but it didn't hurt.  I thought maybe I was having a reaction to one of my skin care products or something. 

     I got to thinking about it, and realized that I had been using the same skin care products I was using in my teens.  Maybe over the years my skin type had changed and the products I had always been using weren't appropriate anymore.  I looked at the packaging of my face wash, toner, and moisturizer.  They were all for acne-prone skin and had various amounts of something called salicylic acid in them.  Acid…

     Maybe that’s why my cheeks are mad.  It was time to re-evaluate my face and how I take care of it.
The first place I started was Google.  I looked for websites that could tell me about various skin types and the products typically needed to care for them.  This, of course, led into another search on my particular symptoms- oily t-zone, breakouts and redness in the cheeks.  Those results led to further searches- What reduces redness?  How do you mask it with makeup?  What causes redness in the first place?  What ingredients should I avoid in my makeup and skin care?  What’s Isoeugenol?  What’s a phenylpropene?  What makes certain oils “essential?”…  Well, you get the idea.

     From that night on my evenings were filled with Google searches, product comparisons, and reviews.  This led me to YouTube, where I found the Beauty Community.  There were so many helpful, smiling faces willing to share their skin care product experiences with the world.  Through these videos I could see what the products looked like, how to apply them, and so on.  I also learned similar things about makeup.  I finally learned to embrace peach-toned blushes because I can see them like regular folks can so I won’t have another Bozo Blush Incident.  Plus they look great with Black Honey!

     Through this online research, I learned that the redness and breakouts on my cheeks are actually Type 2 Rosacea.  After trying many lines of products, my research led me to Pevonia’s RS2 line, which has actually cleared up my Rosacea.  Now when I tell someone I have Rosacea, they do a double take and say “Wait, no you don’t!”

     This transformation inspired me to learn more about cosmetics, skin care products, and companies who manufacture them.  What once was curious and casual Googling is now a passion, a burning need for information, and a desire to share this information with my friends and family at every opportunity.  

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Tag: Rainbow of Beauty Products

Yup, another Tag post.  Gimme a break, I’m just starting out here!  I've got some original stuff coming soon, I promise.

Anyway, this is The Rainbow Tag, where you mention a beauty product for each color of the rainbow.  I altered this tag a big because it’s my blog and I can write what I want to.  Anyway, I don’t see colors right (that’s one of those original posts I mentioned, be patient), so Indigo is a redundant color in my personal visual spectrum.  So I left it out.  To make it up to you I added 5 other colors: Pink, Brown, *Black, **White, and ***Rainbow.  Here we go!

B&BW Peach Sparkle, Estee Lauder Garnet, YSL Extreme Coral
Mascara, Lipstick, Fragrance
Red: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Color Bold Volume Mascara- Garnet
     Yes, I’m starting with a discontinued product.  As I've mentioned I am a Ginger, and this color looks amazeballs on me.  I know there are other makeup companies that make red mascaras (Just For Redheads  makes several) and I intend to check them out once my backups of this are gone.
     Oh, and quick tip- if you have a bunch of backups of mascara that are brand new tubes which have not been opened since they were sealed at the factory, and when you do finally open it you find it drier than you would like, spray some MAC Fix+ into the tube and smoosh it around for a bit, then close it up and let it sit overnight.  It revives the mascara and it wears just like it did when it was fresh out of the factory.  I would not recommend this if you've been using the same tube for over 3 months though.  I’m just talking about brand new tubes.

     OK Really?  Why do companies insist on giving their products names that won’t even fit on the damn packaging?!  Anyway, this is a gorgeous orange-y coral-red color.  It looks fabulous, feels fabulous, and even smells fabulous.  You can bet this was a splurge item and I feel like royalty when I wear it.

Yellow: Bath & Body Works Peach Sparkle Fine Fragrance Mist
     Pretty self explanatory.  It smells like sweet peaches and it’s a great summertime scent.  It came out last year so I don’t think it’s in stores anymore but I’m sure you can easily find it online somewhere.

Green: Walgreens Renew Naturals Soft & Gentle Bio-degradable Wipes (unscented)
     I have just recently come to find out that this is also discontinued.  Curse you Walgreens!!!  *shakes fist*  These were the absolute best makeup wipes I've ever used.  Ever.  They have 10 ingredients total and they’re made from environmentally sustainable, organically grown, biodegradable bamboo fiber.  They take all my makeup off without irritating my skin (I have Rosacea so it’s pretty easy to irritate it) or eyes, they smelled wonderful even thought they were unscented… I just can’t say enough about these things.  Now I have to go on the hunt for new wipes before my stash runs out.  Grr!!

     I've used these things since the year 2000.  They’re just wonderful. I first started using them when I had the 2-week disposable Acuvue lenses, and have continued to use them with the Optic Air Day & Night lenses.  These actually prolong the wear time of my contacts and my optometrist has approved of using them in this way.  It gets rid of protein buildup on the lenses so they stay cleaner longer.  Since you only get one pair of eyes, and mine are guaranteed to be different from yours, I suggest you discuss things like this with your optometrist before following my lead.

Violet: Zoya Remove + Polish Remover, Nail Cleaner, & Nail Prep
     I mentioned this in my 10 Beauty Products Under $10 blog, but it’s just that good it deserves to be listed here too.  As I mentioned in that blog, it’s tough enough to cut through even the most glittery polish, but its somehow gentle enough to not to damage and strip the nails or dry out the cuticles.  Plus it smells kinda nice too.

     I don’t use this as often as I brush my teeth like some folks do, but about once or twice a week I will use it in the shower to get a bit of exfoliating action.  It came with a Sensitive head which was OK but almost too rough for my face.  When that wore out I changed to the Delicate head and it’s been absolutely dreamy since.

     As I mentioned, I have Rosacea.  But you wouldn't know it by looking at me.  This line has completely changed my skin and I couldn't be happier.  I’m not wild about the rose scent but I will gladly put up with that and the hefty price tag to continue to get these results.

     As so many others who use and love this product I can’t really speak to the ‘lash boosting’ claims, but as a simple eyeliner it works like a dream.  The brush tip is so fine you can get a super skinny or ultra chunky line and you can easily get rid of the Mascara-Eyeliner Gap with it.  It’s not waterproof but I don’t find that to be a problem at all.

Brown: Urban Decay Naked 1 Palette
     I can’t say anything about this palette that hasn't already been said by everyone else on the planet.  The packaging is beautiful, the shadows are bliss to work with and compliment practically any skin tone, it will give you a huge range of looks from minimal to casual to professional to night to drama queen, the brush that comes with it is amazing, and the fact that it has a decent-sized mirror is icing on the cake.  Love it.

     This stuff is crazynuts.  It’s a crystal-clear base that’s jam-packed with holographic hex glitter, fine holographic bar glitter, and micro holographic glitter.  I have yet to see or take a photo that will capture all the color and fire and glam of this stuff.  Do not wear it if you plan to operate any heavy machinery in the sun- it’s an accident waiting to happen.

Wrapping up a Rainbow Tag with a rainbow- awesome! So what about you, what are some of your favorite colorful beauty products? Let me know in the comments below!

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*Black is the presence of all colors in Subtractive Color Theory.
** White is the presence of all colors in Additive Color Theory.
***A rainbow is the presence of awesomeness in My Theory.

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Tag: Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10

Top 10 Under $10
Tag, you're it!
There are all sorts of Beauty tags going around and I've always wanted to add my $0.02.  So here's my first tag- Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10!

Zoya, Cuticle Oil, Epsom Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar
Zoya Nail Polish, Cuticle Oil, Epsom Salt, Apple Cider Vinegar
1. Zoya Nail Polish- $8.00-9.00
     I'm kindova whore for Zoya polishes.  I have over 50 of them.  I love their formula, I love their business practices, I love their color selection, I love their customer service, and I love their sales.  Other than their availability (I have to order online since not many places near me sell them), I can't think of much else I don't love about them.  Some of my current favorite shades are Aurora (holographic purple), Blaze (holographic red), Phoebe (glowing matte blue), and Rica (pinky-orange coral w/ gold).

2. Cuticle Oil - <$5.00 

     Flaky, peeling cuticles will ruin the look of any manicure.  It doesn't matter what kind of cuticle oil you use (most are under $5) just get something on them and you'll notice a difference within days.  I use Beauty Secrets Cuticle Oil from Sally's Beauty Supply.  It smells nice and a bottle lasts forever.

Conair Foot Bath with Heat & Bubbles
Rubadub dub!
3. Apple Cider Vinegar- $3.83/gallon
4. Unscented Epsom Salt ~$1.00/lb
     I put these together because I use them together.  Combine 1/2 cup ACV with 1/2 cup Epsom salt in hot water and soak your feet for 10-15 minutes.  The acid in the vinegar softens calluses, promotes healthy toe nails, deodorizes feet, and helps control any fungus/bacteria.  Even if Epsom Salt creates nothing more than a placebo effect its quite a nice one and rather cheap so I don't mind indulging.

Zoya Remove +, Colgate Optic White Toothpaste, Colgate Optic White Mouthwash
Zoya Remove +, Colgate Optic White Toothpaste and Mouthwash
5. Zoya Remove Plus - $9.99 
     Yes, its just under $10, but its certainly worth the price tag.  Its the best polish remover I've ever used.  Its tough enough to cut through even the most glittery polish, but its somehow gentle enough to not to damage and strip the nails or dry out the cuticles.  Though I use pure acetone and a brush for cleanup after manicures, I always use Remove Plus to remove manicures, clean my nails, and prep them for a new manicure.  Plus the flip -top is practically klutz-proof. Honestly, I bought one Big Flipper and just refill it with the $25 32oz bottle since its cheaper that way ($1.24/oz v/s $0.78/oz).

6. Colgate Optic White Toothpaste - $3.97
7. Colgate Optic White Mouthwash - $6.96
     Oral care is a very personal decision- preference in the flavors and textures of the products you use and the condition of your teeth & gums will inevitably vary from mine.  I've always had good oral health without trying too hard.  My mother's genes have blessed me with some wonderful things, but one of the not-so-wonderful things is naturally darkish teeth.  This Optic White line is very effective at brightening my teeth without a lot of fuss.  No fiddling about with whitening strips or trays or gels, and no sensitivity afterwards.  My only complaint is the mouthwash is pretty intense and stings a bit but I can definitely tell its working so I suppose I'm getting my money's worth.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Stippling Brush, ELF Studio Brow Kit
Real Techniques Expert Face Brush and Stippling Brush, ELF Studio Brow Kit
8. Real Techniques Expert Face Brush - $8.99
     For starters, this brush (and the whole line for that matter) is cruelty free and designed by the lovely Samantha Chapman (1/2 of the Pixiwoo sisters.  If you're not subscribed to them you should do so now.  I'll wait...).  I have used this brush with my Tarte Amazonian Clay foundation as well as my Everyday Minerals foundation and it gives a beautiful result with either product.  The brush is unbelievably soft and very dense so it packs on and blends color easily while leaving a beautiful finish.  Its hands-down the best foundation brush I've ever used.

9. Real Techniques Stippling Brush - $9.99
     Another product that just squeaks in under $10, this stippling brush really sets itself apart from other stippling brushes.
     The whole purpose behind stippling brushes is to pick up minimal amounts of product and blend them effortlessly into the skin.  This is achieved by the very design of the brush: the longer white fibers are separated by the shorter dark fibers, thereby having a very low density of bristles with which to pick up product.  However, most stippling brushes have the white fibers cut way too long, so they fold over when stippled against the product or the face and therefore ruining their very purpose.
     This one has the white fibers cut much shorter so they don't have the ability to fold over.  The size of the brush is perfect too- small enough to get in and around the eyes and nose easily, but large enough so as not to become tedious to use across the whole face.  So what do I use this brush for? Sometimes I use it for applying ultra-pigmented blush so I don't get too much on the face.  But mainly I use it to stipple MAC Fix+ over the face after applying my mineral foundation.
     (Side note: If you haven't yet, please educate yourself on the difference between finishing spray, setting spray, and refreshing spray by watching Koren's videos.  You will be much happier with the result of your makeup application when you use products for their intended purpose.)

10. ELF Studio Brow Kit - $3.00
     I know brows are a huge focus at the moment, but I actually don't use this product for my brows.  I'm a Ginger, so finding contouring shades is very difficult.  Most bronzers are too orange or too dark and therefore look odd or icky on my face.  However, the ashy color found in brow kits like this perfectly mimics the color of a natural shadow on fair skin, so it makes a great contour color.

That's it! I hope this gave you some great ideas.  What are some of your favorite beauty products under $10? Tell me in the comments below!

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