Thursday, June 27, 2013

"How many polishes do you have, Woman?!"

"How many polishes do you have, woman?!"
A dear friend actually asked me that recently.  If you haven’t figured it out yet, I really love nail polish (especially Zoya).  As of this post my Nail Polish Collection contains 101 regular polishes, 12 nail art polishes, 2 stamping polishes, 3 top coats, and 1 base coat.  I didn't get this whole collection overnight; It’s been steadily growing since 2010.

I recently did a set of 3 videos about my entire polish collection and how I store it:

Part 1- Storage of Nail care supplies, acrylic supplies, nail art polish, and nail art tools

Part 2- One side of the organizer

Part 3- The other side of the organizer

Though the way I store my collection will stay constant, the contents of my collection will continue to evolve as new polish colors, formulas, brands, and trends come out.  Since it’s impractical to film a new video every time I get a new polish or give one to a friend or family member, I keep my collection up-to-date on my Pinterest page.

I use the Nail Polish Cataloger app to keep track of my collection when I’m not at home.  This makes it easy to prevent getting any duplicates or colors that are too similar to what I already have.  It’s also very easy to update when I get a new polish, get rid of/finish one, or break out a backup (I only have backups of just a few limited edition colors that I really love: OPI- Which is Witch?, OPI- Thanks So Muchness, MAC- Bad Fairy, and MAC- Frayed to Order).

Eventually I’d like to be this organized about my makeup too, but I don’t have nearly as much makeup as I do nail polish.  My theory is I have 20 nails but only 1 face, so my collections of nail polish and makeup should be proportionate, right?

So come on, I admitted how many I have, now its your turn: How many bottles are in your Nail Polish Collection? Compare in the comments below!

Want to see some of those beauties up close? Check out My Favorite Nail Polish Color tag, Holla Holographic!

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