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Tag: Favorite Nail Polish Color

Tag, you're it!

What’s your favorite color?  Mine's glitter- holographic glitter to be precise.  It’s all colors and no colors at the same time, it dances and sparks and comes in all shapes and sizes.  Here are some holographic nail polishes from my collection.

This is a micro-fine holographic shimmer suspended in a clear base.  This is an exact dupe for INM Out The Door Northern Lights but without all the work.  This is a great polish to top off any manicure, but I've also worn it alone for a subtly glam look.  I can’t say enough great things about this one.

Zoya - Aurora, Blaze, Storm
Aurora, Blaze, & Storm
Zoya- Aurora
The next 3 polishes are from the Ornate Collection.  Each of these is a very rich, ultra shiny jewel-tone base with loads of fine holographic glitter.  The formula is on the sheer side, but after 3-4 thin coats you’ll get full opacity.  Aurora is an amethyst purple but that holographic shimmer adds miles and miles of depth to the look.  

Blaze is a deep blood-ruby red with loads of fine holographic glitter.  You don’t often find red holographic polishes so Blaze is really very unique in most collections.  I can’t be sure, but I think the holographic shimmer in Blaze is smaller and finer than in the other 2.  I really love her because she’s deep and vampy, but not at all emo.

Deepest, darkest, and shiniest black with fine holographic glitter, Storm is most certainly my favorite black of all time.  Looking at a Storm Mani is like looking into a clear, moonless summer night sky.  Just enchanting.

JulieG - Cleopatra's Cobra
Cleopatra's Cobra
JulieG- Cleopatra’s Cobra
I have a few of Julie’s polishes, and the glitters are in a thicker, almost gel-like clear base.  I prefer my glitters to be a bit thinner so a few drops of polish thinner brought them all to my preferred texture. Cleopatra’s Cobra is a clear base with gold-toned holographic hex glitter in medium, small, fine and micro.  This one is another that looks great on its own or over top of something else.  It looks expensive and ethereal, like freshly minted fairy money.

OPI - Which is Witch?
Which is Witch?
OPI- Which is Witch?
This was my pick for the Rainbow or Multi Color category of the Rainbow Tag and for good reason.  It’s loaded with hex, fine bar, and micro glitter, and all of it is holographic. If you’re easily distracted by bright shiny colorful things, this will make daily life hazardous for you so wear it with caution.

Zoya - Kissy, Rina, Twila
Kissy, Rina, Twila
The next 3 polishes are from the Gems & Jewels collection.  Each of these is a somewhat sheer, jewel-toned base with coordinating micro shimmer and holographic bar glitter.  They remind me of the tinsel-type garlands you see around the holidays.  Kissy is the most complex of the 3. She’s a bright fuchsia-pink base with micro glitter in red, pink, and holographic, micro bar glitter in pink, and finished with holographic bar glitter.  Nothing dances in the light like Kissy does.

Bright, shamrock-green base with micro glitter and fine bar glitter in green, finished with holographic bar glitter. This one looks like a Christmas wreath on crack and is super-fun to make holiday manicures with.

Ultramarine blue base with micro glitter in blue, fine bar glitter in blue and silver, and finished with holographic bar glitter. Not only is this fun to use in a winter-themed Mani, but it’s also really great Pedi shade to wear in the summer- it’s cool and refreshing to look at and catches all that summer sun.

This looks like a long-lost sister to the previous 3.  This has a clear base with copper micro glitter, gold-toned holographic micro glitter, fine bar glitter in gold and sapphire blue, and holographic bar glitter.  The blue is what really sets this apart- there’s just enough to create depth and interest but not so much as to clash with the gold.  One coat of this looks almost like honey, a full-on Mani looks like antique gold.

Starrily - Ring Around the Rosies
Ring Around the Rosies
Starrily- Ring Around the Rosies
Like I mentioned with the JulieG glitters I have, the few Starrily glitters I have also have that thicker, almost gel-like base that thinned out just fine with a few drops of polish thinner.  Multi-size and multi-shape glitters can be a huge pain to apply, but not Starrily’s.  There’s no fishing around in the bottle or dabbing it out onto a palette to get the bits you’re after.  I can’t get over how unique and fun their polishes are and this one is no exception.  Ring Around the Rosies is a slightly iridescent pearly clear base with large hex, medium hex, medium square, small square, and micro glitter (all of which are holographic), and extra-large flower-shaped glitter in a few shades of pink.  This is an adorable spring/summer topper- those cute flowers just steal the show.
Holographic Nail Polishes
Glitter bomb!

I tried to make it an even 10, but that mini-sized Starrily polish is so cute and tiny I figured I could squeeze it in at the end there.  So what about you, what polishes do you have in your favorite color?  Share with me in the comments below!

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  1. Holla! Another fan of holographic polish here! A holographic topcoat that I have which might be similar to the China Glaze Fairy Dust is from Milani. It's called Diamond Dazzle and I especially love it over jewel-toned creme colors (Milani's Mint Candy is a gorgeous turquoise that is stunning with the Diamond Dazzle on top). When I'm wearing it I wave my fingers around in front of me so that I can enjoy that lovely sparkle.

  2. Forgot to add: Your warning for OPI Which is Witch is absolutely hilarious! It's made me put that one on my shopping list. I won't be getting much done around here with all the finger waving'/jazz hands I'll be doing...

  3. LMAO Holo Jazz hands, I love it! I'm so glad I'm not the only one that does that! I'll have to check out that Milani Diamond Dazzle and Mint Candy, sounds beautiful.