Monday, July 22, 2013

Mani Monday 4

Vol IV
Hello again, time for another Mani Monday!  This week I thought I would put a method to this photo madness so we all know what I'm doing.  Novel idea, huh?

I mentioned before that I've been taking photos of my manis and pedis over the last couple of years.  After sorting through them all I've categorized them into 5 types- Sheer, Color-Block, Glitter, Stamp Art, and Freehand Art.

I figured each of these categories brings something different to the table and also covers all the bases as far as skill level and personal preference.  The whole point of Mani Monday is to inspire, not intimidate, so these categories should have something here for everyone (that's the theory anyway)!

Also, I've decided to quit linking to every single polish on MM.  Its very tedious and I think everyone knows how to use Google so I feel like I'm doing a bunch of extra work for nothing.  Alright enough babble, lets get to the good stuff!


Sheer looks are just that- sheer polish with intentionally visible nail line.

JulieG - My Private Palace
Fool's Gold
I love how this one fools you into thinking there isn't any polish on the nails until you turn your hand a certain w-BAM! Golden and beautiful.

1 coat JulieG - My Private Palace
1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat


Color-Block manis could be simply one color on all 10 digits, it could be one color on 8 digits with a different color on 2 accent nails, or it could be Skittles nails where each nail is a different color.  The only rule for this category is a limit of one color per nail.

OPI - Pussy Galore
I Hate That Name
I am LOVING the texture trend, but only the glittery kinds.  This pink is super neat because as it wears down, the fuscia 'grit' becomes more and more bright, gradually transforming the look throughout the time you wear it.

3 coats OPI - Pussy Galore 


Glitter manis are either glitter by itself or layered with another color.

Butter London - Shag w/ Gold Leaf Top Coat
Real Gold
Totally awe-struck by Zoya - Gilty, I grabbed some cheap top coat and some gold leaf I had in my craft room and Frankened my own gold fleck topper.  It looked great on the nails for a week!... but after a few days the rest of it turned to this awful brown sludge in the bottle.  ~sigh~ "Nothing gold can stay."

3 coats Butter London - Shag
1 coat NYC Top Coat w/ Gold Leaf Flecks
1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat


Stamp Art is nail art done with the help of a stamping kit like Salon Express or Konad.

Zoya - Twila w/ Konad Stamped Turtle
Pool Turtle
This one reminded me of those little plastic kiddie pools you see in every back yard in the summer.

3 coats Zoya - Twila
Salon Express Stamping kit w/ Konad White
2 coats INM Out The Door Top Coat 

Freehand Art is done without stamping, but can still use tools like tape, fine brushes, or dotters to achieve the look.

OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu w/ JulieG - Sugar Rocks + Rainbow
Over the Rainbow
I wore this for a few days without the rainbow and I absolutely loved how this jelly sandwich looked on its own- it was like opals on my fingers!  But then all the pretty colors inspired me to do a rainbow and, well, the rest is history.

All Nails:

    2 coats OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu
    1 coat JulieG - Sugar Rocks
    1 coat OPI - Don't Touch My Tutu
    1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat
Ring Finger:
    Salon Perfect - Laser Beam
    Salon Perfect - Orange Flame
    Migi Nail Art Pen - Shimmer Yellow
    Migi Nail Art Pen - Kelly Green
    Salon Perfect - Pin Strip
    Salon Perfect - Purple Petal
    Migi Nail Art Pen - Pearl White
    China Glaze - Fairy Dust (over rainbow and cloud only)


I hope you enjoyed this week's installment of Mani Monday.  Which look was your favorite?  If you have a mani or pedi you'd like to share, please share them with me on Facebook,  Google+InstagramPinterest, or Twitteror you can email them to me at! I'll feature it in an upcoming Mani Monday!

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