Monday, July 1, 2013

Mani Monday 1

Weekly Mani Monday
Vol I
Welcome to my first Mani Monday.  These posts will showcase 5 Manicures and/or Pedicures I've done, from complex and elaborate nail art to simple one-coat manicures.  I've been taking pictures of my manicures and pedicures for a few years now, but only recently have I been doing it regularly.  I may have done these 2 days ago or 2 years ago, but its all my own work on my own nails with my own products.

Zoya Nail Polish Colorblock American Flag Nail Art Manicure
Colorblock American Flag
Thumb: 2 coats Zoya - Song
Pointer & Ring: 2 coats JulieG - White Orchid; 1 coat Zoya - Ginessa
Middle & Pinkie: 2 coats Zoya - Sarah
2 coats Out The Door

Tiger nail art pedicure Migi Nail Art

Tiger nail Art manicure Migi Nail Art
Tiger Nails! Rawr! >^,,^<
Zoya - Anchor Base Coat
Migi Nail Art Pens - Shimmery Orange, Sparkly Black
Zoya - Armor Top Coat

Spring nails easter glitter Sally Hansen

Springtime Nails
1 coat Zoya - Anchor base coat
3 coats Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect - Satin (middle)
3 coats Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect - Air (pointer & ring)
3 coats Sally Hansen Smooth and Perfect - Sea (thumb & pinkie)
1 coat China Glaze - Luxe & Lush
2 coats INM Out The Door - Northern Lights

Zoya Apple green stamp konad black and white bamboo
Bamboo and Butterfly Stamped Mani
1 coat OPI Nail Envy
2-3 coats Zoya - Apple 
Konad Stamping Polish in Black and White
Migi Nail Art Pen - Gold Glitter
Zoya - Sarah
1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat

Orly Zoya Coral Pink Nail Polish Manicure
Coral with Pink Glitter
2 coats Orly - Gilded Coral
1 coat Zoya - Kissy
1 coat Zoya - Astra
2 coats INM Out The Door - Northern Lights

That's it for this week. I'd love to see your Manicures and/or Pedicures! Please share them with me on Facebook,  Google+InstagramPinterest, or Twitter, or you can email them to me at!

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