Monday, July 8, 2013

Mani Monday 2

Weekly Mani Monday
Vol II
Its another Mani Monday! Here's five more Manicures and/or Pedicures to start your week off right. I do try to include links to everything used so you can get more information on the products if you need to. If it is no longer sold, I link to either the pin on my Pinterest page or one of my favorite nail blogger's entries for that product. Also, I think I forgot to mention last time that if there is no base coat listed in the 'recipe' for the pictured Mani, then that means I had some form of acrylic nails on at the time so no base coat was used. Anyway, lets hop right into it!

Happi Cobra
Man is it hard to photograph holos and duochromes! Hopefully you get the gist of it from these.
2 coats Zoya - Happi

Kissy Kimber
2 coats Zoya - Kimber
1 coat Zoya - Kissy

Orange Sherbet
3 coats Zoya - Cassi
2 coats JulieG - Sugar Rocks
1 coat Out The Door Top Coat

Migi Nail Art Pen - Green, Metallic Green, White, Sparkly Black

Bad Fairydust
Migi Nail Art Pen - Pearl White

That's it! I'd love to see your Manicures and/or Pedicures. Please share them with me on Facebook,  Google+InstagramPinterest, or Twitteror you can email them to me at! Thanks for stopping by and have a great week!

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