Wednesday, July 24, 2013

My Contour/Highlighting Palette

Real Techniques Contour Brush & Revlon Colorstay Addictive

In my Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10, I had listed #10 as the Elf Studio Eyebrow Kit in Light.  I loved it because the color was perfect as a contour shade for my ultrapale skin.  I loved it so much that I had completely run out by the time I made that post and was unable to find it in Light again (my stores all had Medium only).

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So when I went hunting for a replacement Contour/Highlighting Palette I found this Revlon Colorstay quad in Addictive.  None of the colors are named (I hate it when brands do that).  In the upper left-hand corner we have a very pale cream with a bit of peach (satin), next to that is a cool fawn color (satin), the second row has a typical taupe (shimmery), and next to that is a cool-toned brown (satin).  These seemed to be pretty decent colors for contouring with, and even if it didn't work out for contouring it would still be a great palette for eye looks.  At $5.44 I picked it up and brought it home.

Real Techniques Contour Brush & Revlon Colorstay Addictive
The Real Techniques Contour Brush is the perfect size for working with small pans of product.

Long story short, I couldn't be happier with this product!  The satin textures of these shadows (shades 1, 2, and 4) make them perfect to contour and highlight with, especially on oily skin like mine.  The Real Techniques Contour brush is a bit small for contouring, but when you’re working with small pans of product like this it’s actually the perfect size. 

I swirl my brush in shades 2 and 4, tap off the excess, and contour the hollows of my cheeks and conceal my double chin.  Then I wipe my brush off and dip into shade 1 to highlight the cheekbones and under the eyes.  For a natural yet defined look, I sweep shade 3 in the crease of the eye and shade 1 on the lid and brow bone.

Real Techniques Contour Brush, Revlon Colorstay Addictive, Swatches
Swatches of all 4 colors, then blended shades 2 & 4 together behind my pinkie & ring finger knuckles.

I took this with me to the Sigma Beauty Broadcast Event and it was a real space-saving multitasker.  I’m very pleased with the look it gave me, and at under $6 you just can’t beat it.

FOTD 7/13/13
I lightly contoured & highlighted with this palette, and used shade 3 in the crease of my eyes.

So that's my Contour/Highlighting Palette.  Had I done my Top 10 Beauty Products Under $10 after discovering this Revlon palette, it would most certainly have taken the Elf Studio Brow Kit's place because I like the color of the contour better and I can do more with it than just contour.

What do you use for contouring/highlighting?  Do you have any multitasking products that you love?  Share in the comments below!

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