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Tag: What's In My ZPalette?

I'm taking a break from Mani Monday this week.  If you're really heartbroken about it let me know in the comments below and I can whip up something for you because I'm cool like that.
Tag, you're it!

I love to see what's in other people's ZPalettes so I thought I would share What's In My ZPalette today.  The names of all the shadows are listed below, with the exception of 4 Clinique shades.  These came from my Mom, who also has a ZPalette.  We sometimes trade eye shadow pans (after sterilizing them, of course), almost like trading cards.  Its a neat way to change up your collection without having to spend money!

Peaches: Clinique, MAC, Coastal Scents
Peachy Colors
1. Clinique - Almost Peach
2. MAC - Paradisco
3. MAC - Expensive Pink
4. Coastal Scents - Amore (discontinued)

Neutrals: MAC, Bare Minerals, NYX, Clinique, Physician's Formula
5. MAC - Shroom
6. MAC - Brule
7. Bare Minerals - Queen Linda
8. NYX - True Taupe
9. MAC - Sweet Liason Duo (1)
10. unknown Clinique
11. MAC - Sweet Liason Duo (2)
12. unknown Clinique
13. Physician's Formula Baked Collection - Baked Sweets (1)
14. MAC - Creme Royale
15. MAC - Amber Lights
16. Unknown Clinique
17. MAC - Black Tied

Cools: Origins, MAC, Physician's Formula, Clinique, Hard Candy
Gray, Pinks, Blues
18. Origins - Glistening Granite
19. MAC - Vapour
20. Physician's Formula Baked Collection - Baked Sweets (2)
21. unknown Clinique
22. Hard Candy - lighter half of Rendezvous
23. MAC - Trax
24. MAC - Sketch
25. Origins - Blue Moon
26. MAC - Deep Truth

Greens: Clinique, Bare Minerals, Coastal Scents
27. unknown Clinique
28. Bare Minerals - Purrfect
29. Coastal Scents - Majestic Green mica
30. Bare Minerals - Tortoise

My ZPalette
My ZPalette

The Coastal Scents, Bare Minerlas, Physician's Formula, and Hard Candy colors were all pressed by hand.  I got some EZ Prez Pressing medium from Coastal Scents (its since been discontinued) and followed these instructions from Koren of EnKore Makeup to press them into pans so they would fit into my palette.

Some of my favorite colors:

  • Paradisco is a beautiful peach color that pops my blue eyes. 
  • Amore is the prettiest rose-gold I've ever seen, and that makes me extra sad that its discontinued.  
  • True Taupe is a great matte crease color.  
  • Blue Moon reminds me of Trax because it has that same kind of gold shot through it, but is a pretty baby blue instead of purple.  
  • The lighter shade of Sweet Liaison is perfect for setting the Urban Decay 24/7 Shadow Pencil in Midnight Cowboy because its matte but still has sparkles in it so it doesn't take away from the underlying effect.  
  • The darker shade of Sweet Liaison is a beautiful  sparkly liner color when used wet.  I wet my angle brush with water and run it on the shadow next to the edge of the pan so I don't mess up the rest of the pan of color.

So that's my ZPalette!  What do you keep in yours?  Share with me in the comments below and have a great week!

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