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Fall 2013: Pantone's Proclamation

Pantone Fall 2013

It’s August and that means Autumn is just around the corner, which means another season that fashionistas get all foamy at the mouth over new colors, patterns, textures, and styles.

I know very little about fashion.  I know you can only wear white between Memorial Day and Labor Day, you’re not supposed to wear black shoes with navy pants, and black is supposed to make you look skinny.

I also know that there’s some mystic oracle known as Pantone who decides a year ahead of time what colors the world is going to wear in a given season.

All hail Pantone, speaker for the gods of Color Fashion

So I decided I would actually listen to this Pantone guy and shop my stash for the colors that he says I’m supposed to wear this fall.  Also, I think it’s quite prudent to use what you already have instead of going out and buying all new colors,* especially when you already have over 100 nail polishes like I do.

Well ok, technically I didn’t shop my stash…  I made begged asked the bestest, most wonderfulest man in the whole wide world- my darling Husband- to help me because he can see colors better than I can.  Actually, according to several vision tests he sees more colors than most people do whereas I don’t see reds or greens as well as other people do.  

Lets just say he found this task less than amusing.  Here’s just a snippet of his rantings while we were looking at the many palettes on a Google Image Search:

“In every one of those photos they use the same color names but every single photo shows a different color!  Its like I need a spectrometer to say ‘Koi is at 784 nanometers, the closest thing you have is 843!’  This is insane!  I understand color theory, I understand tints, shades, tones, hues, and saturations, but once you name a color, it’s A COLOR, a SINGLE color!  You can’t show me 47 different colors and say they’re all the same when they’re clearly different!  [insert profanities here].”

To make him less insane I picked a color palette that had largeish swatches of each color and printed it out.  We then sat in the sunlight and held up my nail swatch fans to each color.  We sometimes even swatched a few of the polishes right on the paper before we made our decisions.

Pantone Fall 2013 color palette
For the most part I like what this Pantone guy has to say.
I’ll say it right now: I don’t have anything in my collection that completely matches any of these colors, however I’m comfortable with ‘close enough.’  So here’s some colors that are kinda sorta closeish to the oracle’s proclamations.

Pantone Emerald; Zoya Frida
OK first of all WTF Pantone?! No emeralds I have ever seen look like this. This is too blue to be called Emerald.  Quit screwing with people who can’t see colors right, its mean!! 
Anyway, the closest thing I have in my collection to this particular shade is Zoya's Frida.  Zoya describes her as a sheer, dark, warm-toned teal blue with a buildable jelly gloss finish.  I describe her as beautiful green happiness.  This color is from the Gloss trio from the 2012 Fall NYFW collections.

Pantone Mykonos Blue; Deborah Lippmann Across The Universe
Mykonos Blue
I’m very excited about this color because it means my one and only Deborah Lipmann color, Across The Universe, is officially ‘In’!  Its medium teal and green hex glitter with sapphire blue micro glitter suspended in a navy blue jelly base.  Love love love!  This color was released for Fall 2010. (sorry for the picture quality on this one, the sparkles were throwing my camera off)

Pantone Linden Green; JulieG My Private Palace
Linden Green
I don’t have anything in my collection that matches that light pea green color because quite frankly it looks like pus against my skin tone, and let’s face it that’s never attractive.  So I made the executive decision to substitute it for a golden color, JulieG’s My Private Palace.  MPP doesn't look like anything on the nail until you turn it just rig-BAM!!  Pale golden wonderfulness.  MPP is from the April 2012 release of Julie's nail polish line.

Pantone Acai; Zoya Mimi
My pick for this is actually one of the first Zoya polishes I ever bought- Mimi.  She’s the diva of all purples- a deep but bright sparkling royal purple.  Mimi is from the Sparkle Collection from Summer 2010. (another one that threw my camera off)

Pantone Samba; Zoya Reva
We chose Zoya's Reva for this one. Zoya says she's a cool toned strawberry red with glowing golden metallic sparkle.  A very rich and luxurious looking gilded red.  I couldn't have said it better myself.  Reva dances in the light and is just stunning on.  She came from the Sunshine Collection of Summer 2011.

Pantone Koi; Zoya Kate
Zoya’s Kate is actually a pretty decent match for this version of Koi.  Kate is a coral with a jelly finish.  She came from the Zoya Blogger Collection from summer 2012 and is only available for sale through Birchbox as part of this trio. This collection has 2 other colors, Coraline and Belle, and I absolutely love this whole trio.

Pantone Deep Lichen Green; Zoya Dahlia
Deep Lichen Green
When we printed this color out, Husband and I both agreed that it looks way more gray than green (curse you again, Pantone!)  We settled on Zoya Dahlia as the closest match from my collection.  This was released with the first Pixie Dust collection, Spring 2013.  Dahlia is a semi-transparent black base with charcoal grit and silver sparkle that dries to a matte, sparkling, deep charcoal finish.  I CANNOT get enough of these Pixie Dusts! (this should be the last sucky picture, sorry again!)

Pantone Vivacious; Zoya Paloma
This is another close match, again brought to you by the Gloss trio of the 2012 Fall NYFW collections.  Zoya's Paloma is a sheer deep fuchsia-berry with a jelly finish.  I really like how she pops next to Dahlia. I'll see your prophecy Pantone, and raise you one of my own: I'm seeing a colorblock mani with Paloma and Dahlia in my future.

Pantone Turbulence; Zoya Fiefie
This gray-blue is best represented in my collection by Zoya Feifei.  Zoya describes her as a medium steel blue base with heavy gold, blue and pink iridescent metallic sparkle.  A truly unique sparkling iridescent blue that adds a magical look to the nails.  Feifei was released in the Diva collection for Fall 2012.

Pantone Carafe; Zoya Shawn
This is another color of which I have nothing like it in my collection because that particular color looks like ass on me.  So Husband and I went with the absolute closest thing I have (which is still way off base but too damn bad) which is Zoya Shawn.  Shawn is a warm, mossy yellow-toned medium green cream with olive undertones.  It kind of reminds me of camo green.  Shawn was originally released in the Wonderful collection from Fall 2010.

Pantone Palette; Nail Polishes

So that’s my Autumn Nail Palette!  I’m pretty happy with the selection of finishes we ended up with- 4 shimmers, 3 jellies, 1 cream, 1 glitter, and 1 texture.  I know that all but 2 of these are Zoya, but if you've seen my nail polish collection you'd know that the majority of my collection is in fact Zoya.  I’m not sponsored by them nor am I being compensated in any way for doing this post.  I bought all the polishes mentioned here with my own money (and maybe some of Husband’s).

One thing I’d like to point out is that even though companies are releasing collections specifically designed around Pantone’s proclamations, none of these colors were released for this season and only one of the colors Husband and I picked were actually released this year (Zoya Dahlia, Spring 2013).  If you can find something you already have that works, save your money and rock it baby!

I love all these colors (I wouldn't have them if I didn't) but my favorites are definitely Across The Universe, Paloma, and Dahlia.  What about you- what colors do you have in your collection that correspond to Pantone’s Proclamation?  Share with me in the comments below and have a great weekend!

Oh btw, help me out here fashion people: am I supposed to make an offering or sacrifice or something to this Pantone person for the blasphemy my husband and I cursed while working on this post?
Do you think he’d like some flavored paints or something?

*I admit that Zoya’s Satin and Fall 2013 Pixie Dust collections are at the top of my Christmas list. ;)

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