Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Is Your Makeup Gross? Clean Makeup Series Part 2: Sanitation

Is your makeup gross? Clean Makeup Tips
Hello again, and welcome to Part 2 of this 3-Part Series about clean makeup practices! If you missed Part 1, be sure to check that out for important information on Makeup Expiration Dates.  

Part 2: Sanitation

I sanitize my own personal makeup every few months.  If I'm doing someone else's makeup, then EVERYTHING gets sanitized before it touches someone else, including the makeup brushes.  When I'm done, it all gets sanitized again before I use it on myself.  I don't want their germs any more than they want mine.

I use the following products when I sanitize my makeup:
  • A little spray bottle of 70% isopropyl alcohol.  Higher concentrations evaporate too quickly so they don't do as good a job of sanitizing.  Its all about the science, baby!
  • Paper towels.  I prefer them over tissues because they leave less lint behind.
  • My pencil sharpener.  

Potted or Panned Creams or Powders
Wipe the surface of the product off with a clean paper towel, then spray with alcohol.  Allow the alcohol to evaporate before closing or using. 

Traditional Pencils/Sticks 
Use your makeup pencil sharpener to shave off the top layer of product.  Spray with alcohol & allow it to evaporate before closing or using.

Automatic Pencils/Sticks & Lipsticks
Twist up a little of the product, gently wipe off the surface of the product with a clean paper towel/tissue.  Hold the product upside down and spray with alcohol.  This keeps the alcohol from running down inside the packaging and compromising the integrity of the creamy stick of product, thus reducing the risk of breakage.  Allow the alcohol to evaporate before closing or using.

Pumps, Bottles, Squeezy Tubes, & Sprays
Wipe off the nozzle/opening with a clean paper towel/tissue, spray with alcohol & allow it to dry before using.  Remember to do the same to any caps before closing the product back up.

Lip Glosses, Liquid Lipsticks, Pen or Inkwell-Type Eyeliners, Clickey Pens, & Mascaras
You can't really sanitize these products due to the nature of their packaging and applicators.  If you suspect your product has been compromised, just be safe and either pitch it or recycle it.  If you plan to use one of these products on someone else, there are a couple rules you should follow:
  • If you've already used the product on yourself, open a new one to use on the other person.  They don't want your germs any more than you want theirs. 
    • If you're going to use the applicator that came with the product, just give the other person the newly-opened product once you're finished.  You won't be able to safely use it on anyone else, including yourself, because it can't be sanitized.
    • If you're keeping the product, DO NOT use the applicator that came with the product to apply on the other person.  Instead, use a disposable applicator or Q-tip to fish some product out onto a palette or the back of your hand first, and then use a brush or Q-tip to apply.  NEVER DOUBLE-DIP; If you need more product get a fresh disposable applicator or Q-tip to fish some more out.

That's all for Part 2, be sure to come back Friday for Part 3: Testers!  And if you missed them, be sure to read Part 1: Expiration Dates and my Makeup Brush post for brush-cleaning tips.

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