Monday, August 5, 2013

Mani Monday 5

Vol V

It’s Mani Monday again!  We skipped last week’s Mani Monday but no one seemed too bent out of shape about it.  However I wasn't going to press my luck and skip it again this week!

Sheer looks are just that- sheer polish with intentionally visible nail line.
Distraction: OPI Which is Witch?
I know this is a glitter polish, but its sheer enough that I decided to include it in my Sheer category this week.
2 coats OPI - Which is Witch?
1 coat China Glaze - Fairy Dust
1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat


 Color-Block mani could be simply one color on all 10 digits, one color on 8 digits with a different color on 2 accent nails, or it could be Skittles nails where each nail is a different color.  The only rule for this category is a limit of one color per nail.
Asphalt: Zoya Harley & Zoya London
Sally Hansen had a competition going on this summer with nail art (I never entered, just watched for inspiration).  One of their categories was Street or City or something like that.  I got to thinking about textures and came up with this colorblock.  I never went further with putting graffiti or art or anything on it because I liked its simplicity.

Zoya - London on pinkie, middle, and index fingers
Zoya - Harley on ring finger & thumb with INM Out The Door top coat
I reversed these on the other hand.

Glitter manis are either glitter by itself or layered with another color.

Zoya Erika & OPI Lights of Emerald City
Its a Party!
This one looked like a baby shower on the nails, very Spring. 
2 coats Zoya - Erika
1 coat OPI - Lights of Emerald City
1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat


Stamp Art is nail art done with the help of a stamping kit like 
Salon Express or Konad.
Zoya Jelly Mani with stamp art
I wanted to make a 'scene' on a finger with this so I played with layering and depth.
2 coats Zoya - Belle
Stamped the flower with Konad White and Salon Express stamping kit
2 more coats Zoya - Belle
Stamped the butterfly with Konad White and Salon Express stamping kit
added dots for the 'flight pattern' with Migi Nail Art Pen - White
The rest of the nails have 4 coats of Zoya - Belle.


Freehand Art is done without stamping, but can still use tools like tape, fine brushes, or dotters to achieve the look.
Zoya & Its So Easy leopard print
Wild Side
This was my first-ever leopard print and I can't believe I had never done it before- its so easy and looks great! I played with patterns a bit, doing just 1/2 the nail, the whole nail, a french tip, and a diagonal on the thumb.
3 coats Zoya - Felicity
Its So Easy Stripe Rite - Black
Migi Nail Art Pen - Gold Glitter
1 coat INM Out The Door Top Coat


I hope you enjoyed this week's installment of
 Mani Monday!  Which look was your favorite?  If you have a mani or pedi you'd like to share, please share them with me on Facebook,  Google+InstagramPinterest, or Twitteror you can email them to me at! I'll feature it in an upcoming Mani Monday!

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