Friday, August 2, 2013

Sephora Grand Opening

I've known since January that Sephora was coming to the Coral Ridge Mall; the regional rep of Urban Decay told me as we were chatting away at the Sephora store in Des Moines, IA.  So I was not surprised to see an email pop up in my inbox this week from Sephora talking about their grand opening. Something did catch my eye though:

Free money? Why yes please and thank you!
The store doesn't open until 10 but the rest of the mall is advertised as opening at 9 for mall-walkers and such.  I got there at 8:30 and the mall was already open and 30 other people were already in line!

It was hard to see with all the people crowding everywhere, but the store was so shiny and sparkly and new!
I chatted with a mom and her middle-school-aged daughter while we waited.  It reminded me of the wait to see Emily Eddington last month at the Sigma Beauty Broadcast Event, only much quieter and only one person asked us why we were all standing in line as opposed to 50-60!

Just before they started to let folks in, the Sephora did a cute little team-spirit cheer:

Gimme an S
Gimme an E
Gimme a   P
Gimme an H
Gimme an O
Gimme an R
Gimme an A
What’s that spell?
What will we do?
[insert wild cheers here from the associates and the line of customers]

The line moved very quickly when the doors officially opened.  The girl in front of me got a $10 gift card.  I got $25!  But the mom behind me got $100, the lucky duck!  She was so pumped about it too, "Man, I’m really gonna SHOP today!” she said.  Good for her!  I overheard at least 2 other people chatting about how they got a $100 gift card as well.  Seems Sephora was pretty darn generous today!  They were also handing out registration cards for folks to sign up for the Sephora Beauty Insider program.

Free $25 Gift Card to Sephora
Cha-ching! Free money.
I didn't make any plans on what I would buy there today because I didn't know how much my gift card would be for and there’s no room in the budget for me to supplement whatever denomination I got with actual money.  So I swatched a few eyeliners (so nice to have practically every single tester be brand new and untainted!), and perused the Sephora Brand section of the store, looking for anything that would jump out at me and say “hey, you need this, remember?”  I’m quite proud of the restraint I showed at the nail polish section!

So as I walked past the register the Fresh display stopped me dead in my tracks.  I immediately knew what I was going to spend this $25 on!  I have received, as part of the Beauty Insider Birthday Gift for 2012 and 2013, duos of mini Fresh Sugar Lip Treatments.  I can review them for you if you’d like, but suffice it to say I’m absolutely in love with everything about these things… except the price.  At $22.50 per full-size (or $28 for a trio of minis) I just refuse to spend that much on a lip balm, no matter how amazing it is.  But when I have free money to spend?  Now that’s a different story!  An associate helped me decide between Cherry and Coral, and from there I made my purchase and quickly exited the extremely crowded store.

When I got home I immediately grabbed my previously mentioned minis in Sugar and Sugar Rose and swatched them side-by-side with my new treasure, Sugar Coral.  I knew the full-size tubes were roughly twice the size as the minis, but I guess it didn't really click with me until I got the two side-by-side!

Fresh Lip Treatments in Sugar, Sugar Rose, Sugar Coral
Fresh Lip Treatments in Sugar, Sugar Rose, Sugar Coral
Needless to say I’m quite happy with this unexpected addition to my lip stash.  So what about you?  What beauty product do you absolutely love but refuse to purchase for yourself?  Let me know in the comments section below and have a fun and safe weekend!

FOTD 8/2/13
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PS: Hair bows do not get enough credit for the amount of Cute they add to your look. Just say'n.

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