Friday, August 3, 2018

Behind #100DaysOfVice

Yesterday was a fun milestone: I finally finished #100DaysOfVice! A big thanks to everyone who followed that long journey.

I got the whole Vice lipstick collection as gratis in May 2016 when I still worked for Urban Decay. I thought doing a different lipstick each day I wore makeup would chew through the collection pretty quick. And I was right... When I was working and feeling well...

Then shit hit the fan in September 2016. My health deteriorated to the point where I couldn't hold a job any longer. So I wasn't wearing makeup daily. And I was feeling like shit so I wore makeup even less than I normally would have.

Some days were genuinely good days. I felt good, sassy, artsy, and wanted to play with my makeup. But not many of them were like that.

Most of those days I just slapped it on and took a selfie, even when I thought I looked just as shitty as I felt. Often the makeup days were days I went out in public or did stuff with family and friends. I can see the forced smiles in a lot of those entries. They may not be the most flattering photos I took of myself, but it was photographic evidence that I tried. That I made the effort to care for myself. That I defeated Depression and Anxiety, even if for just a few hours.

So that makes me even more proud of completing #100DaysOfVice. And it brings me to a hashtag that I've been using lately: #SelfcareMascara (thanks Grav3yardgirl/Bunny). What a lot of folks still don't understand about makeup is that many times (not often enough if you ask me) people don't do their makeup for the approval of others. They do it for themselves.

You've heard of a Power Suit? An outfit that makes you feel powerful, makes you feel like a million bucks, makes you strut your stuff? Makeup can do that too. And harnessing that power, the power to change your mood, is critical for folks like me who have mood disorders. The simple act of putting on mascara and lipstick can lift a person's mood, even just a tiny bit, and that can make a world of difference.

And I speak fron experience. My proof is #100DaysOfVice. What started as purely a beauty diary turned into an excersize in self care that has changed my perspective on the power of makeup not just on our physical appearance, but in our emotional wellbeing too.